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Personal Injury

What Counts as a Personal Injury in Kitsap County, Washington?

By February 1, 2023April 25th, 2024No Comments2 min read

More than three million non-fatal accidents occur in the United States each year. Have you been injured by a car accident, dog bite, or slip-and-fall? Our personal injury lawyer in Kitsap County Washington shares information you should know.

What is a Personal Injury?

According to Washington state law, a personal injury can result from a wide range of causes. Common causes cited for personal injuries include: Motor vehicle collisions, Animal bites, Medical malpractice, Defective products, Workplace accidents.

The term “bodily injury” generally applies to cases where a person has been the victim of a crime. Personal injuries, which are handled in civil court, can be physical, mental or emotional. Such injuries often have a domino effect, causing damage in multiple areas of a victim’s life and requiring years of treatment.

Negligence and Contributory Fault

Some personal injuries arise from an intentional act, such being struck by a fist punch. In most cases, intent is not an issue. Negligence is the primary concept in determining the cause of personal injury.

In legal terms, negligence is defined as, “failure to exercise the level of care expected of a reasonably prudent person under similar circumstances.” Here are some typical examples of negligence:Running a stop signFire safety and building code violationsFailure to maintain proper control of a pet

Sometimes a personal injury involves contributory fault, in which the victim bears partial responsibility for the accident. It’s still important to contact a personal injury lawyer in Kitsap County Washington, as contributory fault does not nullify your right to file a claim and recover damages.

Types of Damages

Compensatory damages are specific amounts, such as medical or repair bills.General damages are discretionary amounts awarded to a victim for intangible consequences, such as pain and suffering.Punitive damages are intended to serve as a deterrent to prevent recurrence of the relevant negligence.

Have you been involved in an accident? Let our personal injury lawyer in Kitsap County Washington fight for your rights. Contact LaCrosse and Murphy, PLLC to learn more.