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Underinsured Coverage: Why You Need It 

By December 24, 2023May 2nd, 2024No Comments3 min read

I’ll throw a shout out for psychodrama. It’s a horrible word, but, you know, it really is something that I use in every single case that I go to trial on. And, to learn the client’s story, to study the reenactments. To know the situations working with the clients, and focus groups you discover the psychodrama and the work that has to happen in order for you to be able to tell the story authentically to the jury.

I’m an active and avid motorcyclist. I understand the emotions victims of motorcycle accidents go through. So it’s that ability to bond with those clients that do have motorcycle accidents because I ride and understand the rules of the road. And being that I can relate with them I feel I can defend them better. 

As most riders understand riding is also a form of mental health therapy. I ride a lot. I’m not a member of any club, but ride with clubs and people that I ride with have ridden for any length of time are super cautious. 

But when they get in a crash, it’s devastating. 

The injuries are devastating. And I know on the off chance that this is going to reach some of my friends that ride motorcycles please get underinsured motorist coverage. And make it high. Because there are so many people that are now are driving big cars out there that are running motorcycles off the road.

That have $25,000 coverage…not going to cut it. When you get in a crash on a motorcycle, you’re going to burn up that $25,000 just in the emergency room. And you can be seriously injured and there’s not enough coverage. So it’s super important. I tell all my friends to up that underinsured motorist coverage. It doesn’t really cost that muc. I guess that’s relative, but it is not that much. Insurance companies one the other hand don’t want you to get that underinsured motorist because it saves them from paying out. You should have it.

Those SUVs are getting monstrous. You get hit with one of those, you’re toast.

And they don’t see motorcycles any more. I mean, that’s the biggest problem the drivers of those SUVs they’re not looking for motorcycles. The motorcycles are not in their line of sight, so they don’t get seen. Crashes could be avoided if drivers just paid attention.