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The DUI Charging Process – What to Know

Being charged with driving while under the influence (DUI) can be a stressful experience, but it's important to stay focused and know your rights. Learning more about how this process goes can help you understand what to expect. Hiring a DUI lawyer in Kitsap County Washington is also essential, so that you have a knowledgeable attorney to represent you in court.

Why You Should Not Use A Public Defender For A Kitsap County Felony Case

Public defenders do not offer the same personalized service that you can get from a firm like ours. Particularly in Washington, where the arrest rate is high, the criminal justice system is cramped, and the public defenders have incredibly heavy caseloads.

In addition to high caseloads, public defenders who work for the Office of Public Defense in Kitsap County are limited in how they can use an investigator to prepare a defense for their clients. Because of the limitations placed on what an investigator can do, the most experienced investigator in Kitsap County now refuses to take Kitsap County public defense cases.

Which drug defense option best suits your particular situation?

It's no small matter if a Washington police officer arrests you on suspicion of drug crimes. Your freedom, your job, your driver's license and many other privileges in life may be at stake. Thinking back, getting arrested was likely the farthest thing from your mind when you got pulled over in a traffic stop. You assumed you had a broken tail light or had perhaps traveled a bit over the posted speed limit in the area. Next thing you knew, the officer searched your vehicle and put you in handcuffs.

A texting driver slams into your car: What do you do next?

As most Washington motorists understand, drivers must remain focused and alert behind the wheel in order to keep themselves and all others sharing the roadways, safe. They also have to adhere to all traffic regulations, including posted speed limits and various laws that may differ from state-to-state. This doesn't stop some people from exhibiting behaviors while driving that place other motorists and pedestrians at great risk for injury.

Some technologies save lives while others take them

Your car, SUV or pickup truck can warn you of an obstacle as you back up, stop on its own and warn you that you drifted out of your lane. Airbags envelope you in case of an accident, and even your braking system helps ensure you can stop when needed. All of these technologies work to save the lives of drivers and their passengers, but other technologies tend to take lives.

Cell phones can also save lives, but when used while driving, they often lead to chaos and catastrophe. Texting and driving don't mix much in the same way that drinking and driving don't mix. In fact, texting while driving continues to cause numerous accidents here in Washington and across the country.

Drug addicts need rehabilitation not incarceration

You might subscribe to the theory of "tough love" when it comes to a family member who suffers from an addiction to drugs. Allowing that person to spend time in jail or prison might seem as though you are teaching him or her a lesson, but in reality, it does nothing to deal with the debilitating disease of drug addiction. What started out as a choice quickly becomes a downward spiral from which your loved one might not see a way back.

Is it possible to get a loved one off drugs?

Have you heard of therapeutic court?

Washington is not the only state facing serious drug addiction problems. In fact, the drug epidemic has no doubt affected the entire nation in various ways. Many families have suffered great losses when loved ones overdose or become involved in illicit drug activities that lead to criminal convictions and time in prison. In this state, several departments (including the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery, as well as the Department of Social and Health Services) combine efforts in a system of therapeutic courts where many drug-related charges are adjudicated.

In several counties, including King, Mason and Snohomish, a certain percentage of sales tax monies applies toward maintaining these courts, in addition to various other mental health and chemical dependency treatment programs

Apple Accused of Withholding 'Driver Mode' from Smartphones

Despite texting-while-driving bans and increased efforts to educate drivers, distracted driving remains a serious problem in the U.S.

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has urged phone makers to help minimize driver distraction by including a "driver mode" in smartphones. The safety feature would prevent drivers from texting when the vehicle's transmission moves from "park" to "drive."

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