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Working With Our Kitsap County Region Trial Attorneys

When you work with LaCross & Murphy, PLLC, you get an experienced legal team that understands the frustrations and questions you may have. We look for opportunities and ways we can successfully overcome the issues you face. Our lawyers explore every available option for resolving your legal matter.

The attorneys at LaCross & Murphy, PLLC, are focused on results, personal service, and helping you achieve your goals. While we take an aggressive approach to protecting our clients' rights and interests in court, we are compassionate and understanding when we work directly with our clients.

We handle a number of legal practice areas, including criminal defense and personal injury. We also have extensive knowledge of and experience with therapeutic courts, as well as treatment-based options for misdemeanor offenses.

Our experienced personal injury and criminal attorneys serve a broad range of clients, including military service members, laborers, skilled professionals, business owners, commercial truck drivers, and others. Regardless of your background or the circumstances of your situation, we will take the time to listen to your side of the story and what you want to accomplish. Follow the links below to read more about our staff attorneys.

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You can get in touch with us by calling 360-895-1555 or by completing an online contact form. Located in Port Orchard, Washington, we handle cases throughout the Seattle region. We are happy to make jail visits for criminal defense cases and hospital visits for personal injury cases.