Why Choose LaCross & Murphy?

Top Personal Injury and Kitsap Criminal Defense Lawyers

With offices in Port Orchard, Washington, the attorneys of LaCross & Murphy, PLLC, are experienced advocates and litigators handling a variety of legal issues for clients throughout Kitsap, Pierce, King, Snohomish, Jefferson, and Mason counties.

Some Features that Make Our Team of Attorneys
Stand Out from Other Law Firms.

We are down-to-earth and easy to communicate with.

One of the reasons we are happy here in Port Orchard is because we are a generally relaxed and personable law firm. We appreciate the pace of life in Port Orchard, and we are proud to offer our clients professional, compassionate, and personable representation.

We Are Available 24/7.

Whatever your legal issue may be, whether it's a personal injury or a criminal charge, we are always available to help. We promptly respond to all phone calls and emails.

We Are the Largest Law Firm in Kitsap County.

Our firm is made up of nine attorneys who are in court every day. We know the courts throughout the region, and while we are personable and compassionate with our clients, we are not afraid to fight on their behalf in the courtroom. We also have extensive resources and professional connections that we utilize to our clients' benefit.

Our Legal Solutions are Innovative and Customized for Each Client's Specific Situation.

In all of our practice areas, we explore every available option for helping our clients achieve their goals and get justice. For clients accused of criminal offenses, particularly DUI and traffic crimes, we seek alternatives to punitive sentencing.

We also have extensive experience in working with therapeutic courts, including Veterans Treatment Court. We routinely handle a range of legal issues for military service members.

Whether you are facing driver's license suspension, recovery from a personal injury or were arrested on a criminal charge, you can rely on us for sound legal counsel that takes into account your specific circumstances.

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